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- Create Crypto coin WeChain Coin
- Genesis Block: 08/03/2019 7:50 pm
- Create Windows wallet GUI and CLI
- Create Linux wallet CLI
- Create Paper Wallet

- Web-miner – Mining via web browser
- Block Explorer

- Open mining for general public
- Website wechaincoin.info
V: 2.0
- Social media and communication platforms: 
- Publish WXTC code on GITHUB - Link

- Promote WXTC on BITCOINTALK - Link

- Publish Whitepaper - Link

September 2019

- Start the distribution of GIVEAWAYS
- Start Top Holders Bonus (See Whitepaper) Link
- Add WeChainCoin on mining pools  Link

Before the end of 2019

- List WeChain Coin on Finexbox

- Coin Burn

- Implementation of faucet


- Release of the voting system for Social/Sustainable projects

- Add WeChainCoin to at least one medium size exchange
- Release of the mobile wallet

- Release of the MAC OS wallet

- Implementation of own Crypto platform
- Add WXTC to at least one Dice


- Implementation of a Cryptocurrency Mining Station based on photovoltaic energy
- Partnerships with commerce


- Add WXTC in at least one big exchange energy
- Implementation of POS payment system
- Implementation of community-voted projects (See Whitepaper)


- Fork WeChainCoin to create a new Crypto based on POW and POS

Help us to List WeChain Coin.
Bitcoin address: 1Jx5hT7i85pVUH7hCqxbbq1WK4z1teqteE 

Dogecoin address: DAYniw5kZW4iXpXZWLkrWrTYKNvikp3pWC 

Litecoin address: LdKkVJ1bJp7Bow2z289Sb2t2DvABVZvYme 

Ethereum address: 0xf18fe09961d939a837ebc3f6504c9f569446f24f  

Ethereum Classic address:  0x3f966858bf715817b4af5dc3ed1a0c83dc1d3d09  

Exchange Listing Price Listing In.. Funds Raised
Crex24 0.65 BTC 6 months

Donations made:

How many WXTC for
Giveaways 5,000,000,000 

A large WXTC Supply has been defined for some of this stock to be earmarked for Giveaways through the Faucet Website, Social Media Promotions, WXTC Dices Insertion.

Follow us on social networks and do not miss this opportunity!

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How Many WXTC for
Social Care 15,000,000,000 

10% of WeChain Coin's Total Supply will be destinade for a Social and Sustainable Projects Support Fund.

By mining you will be helping these companies and even more, you can refer a company or Social Project to receive WXTC funding.

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