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All United for a
Better Project

We have, as base of the Project, the Union of all members from our community, to develop improvement actions in a coherent way seeking the constant progress of the WeChain Coin.
We know that every start-up takes a lot of time and effort from everyone involved, so WXTC thought of open a sector where users could collaborate by developing some improvement actions, and with that, we would be compensated for it with WeChain Coin's. If you are interested, then check the list below and contact us via Telegram

List of Improvements


Bring New Miners and Investors to the Project. 1,000 to 50,000 WXTC

Develop and implement a Mobile Wallet. 2,000,000 WXTC

Develop and implement a Mac Wallet. 2,000,000 WXTC.

Dice Insertion.

Intermediate the inclusion of WXTC in a Dice. 300,000 WXTC

Create video about WeChain Coin: 50,000 WXTC Rules: Channel with over 500 subscribers and videos with over 500 views. After video approval, depending on the quality of the material an extra payment of up to 50,000 WXTC may be released.

Create new GUI Wallet Version for Windows. 2,000,000 WXTC